Hello again, Neocities!

Guess what? I’m writing this on my early 2008 MacBook!! I’m trying to remove all personal files etc from the fancy Dell laptop I got for work, and after wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Lion, tackling hundreds of gigabytes of bad backups, and a lot of crying, it works just fine. I can’t really see a reason it shouldn’t meet my personal computing needs.

Of course, I need to be careful about security issues (I’m not using it for, say, banking or shopping or email), and it doesn’t always work quite as fast as newer machines... But newer machines aren’t cute white MacBooks, now are they? :) And this one was also the first computer that was mine, so I can’t help but be stupidly attached to it.

Incidentally, this last month I quite suddenly had to move back to the Apple ecosystem for most of my personal tech. My hands couldn’t cope anymore with the weight and size of the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, and the iPhone SE was the lightest phone I could find that was worth buying. (I got a used one, in perfect condition, for 1/3 the price of a new one!) I also dropped Spotify in favor of my old iPod Classic while I tried to figure out the phone situation. It feels a little weird, but not in a bad way? Depending on how this goes, I might even get a used iPad to replace my Android tablet... Someday. xD

I’ve been reading a lot about automation, and how to make the most of your Apple gadgets. Obviously it’s a little tricky, since I’m using old, unsupported devices, but I’ve found there are many good programs still available for sale (including antivirus!!!), and loads of great websites and podcasts with relevant content from 2008-2013. I’m really excited!

As for web development and general coding skills... I haven’t really had much time or energy for those. I’ve been taking technical translations classes (which cover stuff I never had in college, like working with translation agencies, and the specificities of the Software/IT translation & localization market), and reorganizing my room and materials (it. never. ends).

I’m also returning to school in August to finish my bachelor’s thesis, so I guess that’s going to be my focus for the next few months at least.


So I decided I'd rather play with ready-made themes/templates/what-have-you than build a website from scratch. I... did not anticipate how difficult that would be here on Neocities. Honestly, the past few days have been incredibly stressful, failing to understand (much less install!) Jekyll and Hugo. Thankfully my best friend came to my rescue, but suffice it to say I sincerely dislike FOSS programmers.

The good news is that I figured out what to do with this website! I'll be using it as a sort of personal+professional homepage, to share my "hobby" translations, collect links, etc. Basically tumblr, but not on tumblr, if that makes sense.

I can't wait!


Re-learning basic HTML and CSS over the past couple of days has been a lot of fun! I've been primarily working through W3School's courses, but Mozilla's looks interesting too, just... a lot more involved. I'll try again once I've finished W3S's materials and figure out exactly what kind of website I want to build.

It'd be lovely to get to the point where I'm comfortable enough to try JavaScript as well, but that can definitely wait.


Guess I'm back here again, after... seven months? I don't remember much of anything regarding web design and development, but it looks like everything's changed so much over the last decade I would've had to start over anyway.

I'm unsure what exactly I want to do with this website, though. Or even what I wanted to do with it that got me to join so many months ago, ha. I suppose re-learning web development and design is reason enough? It'd be nice to have an idea of what kind of website I would like to build, though...